When I first started learning about code, I always wondered how design patterns came about. Simply speaking, certain solutions would be repeated many times over until it was recognized as a common pattern that can be referenced.

Design patterns are templates that software engineers can use to provide themselves with…

Since I’ve been getting deeper into front end development, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve found to be helpful to create optimized code.

Front end developing feels like solving a jigsaw puzzle to me and there are so many moments of confusion when writing code. There are plenty…

The Prompt

There is an algorithms tournament taking place where teams of programmers compete against each other to solve problems as fast as possible. Teams compete in a round robin, where each team faces off against all other teams.

Only two teams compete against each other as a time, for each competition…

I recently created a solution for the three number sum problem in JavaScript, and now that I want to practice my Python, I thought I’d create a similar solution in Python. Let’s begin.

The Prompt

Create a function that takes an array and a target integer that represents the sum. The function…

Karan S. Chauhan

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